Production Update 127: Sidetracked

This week was a little hijacked by a family medical situation, which is why the production update is late this week. I wasn’t able to finish up the last shot I was working on for this scene, but I have the 3D render going for the background. Should be wrapped up in a couple days while I am at work. I’m currently working remotely so I can’t have the render going during the day. The render should be wrapped up before the weekend so this weekend I can wrap everything up for this scene.

I will get more posted up and also the production art I owe you soon when things get resolved. Thanks for understanding!

Production Update 126: Back to Work

Little late on this weeks production update, but some R & R was needed over the Easter break. I took my first trip to California that didn’t simply involve a layover before traveling to Japan. I did a little bit of everything on the trip, checking out some stores in Torrance and Gardena, some unique places to eat and of course, hitting the beach. It’s a nice way to relax right after Anime Detour and all of the work that took place before that.

Since the last production update, I was able to wrap up 2 shots in between all of the traveling and con festivities. Which means I have one more until this scene is done and can get sent off for sound production.

I am excited to be where I am in the story for the first episode, I have reached the climax of  it and am very much enjoying bringing these scenes to life. I’ll have this scene wrapped up by the next production update and have the next one started, I’ll even get some production art up as well.

Behind the scenes there are some other things going on. I am containing to work on this website and finding more ways to get it to do what I want. When I first started using wordpress, I was using it simply as a blogging platform, but as I get more into Cosmic Rage and talk to more people at conventions, I simply need it to do a bit more. So there may be some changes coming to the site which is good, it shows the growth and evolution of the project.

Here are some cool findings I found the other day at Book Off in Gardena. I have been a big Dragonball Z fan and these books show promotional material, concept art, character artwork and more from the series and also the films.


Post-Anime Detour Wrap Up

This was my first Anime Detour and I have to say, it was pretty awesome. First off, the convention had a pretty cool floor plan. All of the panel rooms and viewing rooms were in one area, except for the main panel rooms for the guests of honor. The party rooms were surrounding a big concourse area where people could hang out and take pictures. Overall I thought the floor plan was pretty unique.

A couple years ago I tried to get into Anime Detour, but didn’t know that they capped the amount of attendees. At the time I thought it was pretty lame, but after attending, I can see why they cap it. The convention had plenty of room to move around and like some of the organizers said, it was nice to walk around and stumble across people you met in line or at other panels and visit with them on more than one occasion.

As for my panel, it went over very well! My panel was scheduled for Sunday afternoon and I was competing against the Charity Auction for attendees.

2015_Detour_PanelThis is a picture my friend took of me at my panel. My History of CGI in Anime panel was placed in one of the larger panel rooms. The attendance turn out was great and we had a good discussion and presentation.

I look forward to being a part of Anime Detour next year. Awaiting to hear from other conventions if my panel has been approved, but look forward to meeting more friends and fans later this year! Production Update is back next week!

Anime Detour Bound!

Starting my journey to Minneapolis for Anime Detour. Very excited to get back to the cities and to actually attend my first Detour.

Be sure to check out the programming grid if you are attending or curious to see what events are going on.

I will be presenting my History of CGI in Anime panel at 1:30 on Sunday so be sure to make your way over at that time (the bad CGI is worth it).

Here is a small demo of Cosmic Rage.


Process clips

Production Update 125: Anime Detour, Here I Come!

What a week it has been. I finally caught up on things at the office and was able to dabble in Cosmic Rage work again. I started working on a new shot last week, getting a crowd built and compositing the 3D image sequences into the scene. I have a couple small edits to make and this shot will be wrapped up. I have a few more shots in the scene to get completed but we are back in action :)

I enjoyed some time off over the weekend and finally got back into the kitchen to do a bit of cooking and try out some new recipes. Made a fantastic pulled pork dish in a slow cooker that I need to try again in the future.

I even got one of the movies on my “to watch” pile crossed off the list, X-Men Days of Future Past. I know right? Took me this long to get to it.

Since Anime Detour is upcoming I spent some time getting things prepped for the convention. I updated my e-book prototype, in case people want to check it out before or after my panel.

On that same note, I have been updating a few slides to my presentation and brushing up on the content since I haven’t given the presentation over the winter. Really looking forward to seeing how the new additions are going to be received by the attendees.

Feels good to be back blogging and working on Cosmic Rage. If you are at Anime Detour feel free to hit me up.

Twitter: @chrisreanimated


Production Update 124: Light at the End of the Tunnel

Been super busy this week working extra hours at work. I didn’t get the chance to crack open Cosmic Rage files to get any work done this week. However, I wanted to let everyone know that after this week, I should be able to get back onto Cosmic Rage in some magnitude, unless there are any unforeseen events. One more week.

Hope you all have checked out some of the production animation. Can’t wait to get more up soon. Thank you all for your patience!