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Jani_TwitterJani Laine (female in pink)
Jani’s mother died during her birth, so Jani naturally took after her father. Following in his footsteps, Jani chose to live a life by the badge. She rose through the Chicago Police Department ranks quickly, working toward her life goal of restoring order to the city. Her life has only known chaos, and stories of a civilized society drive her as the lead police officer.

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Jani_TwitterSami (male in green)
Sami grew up in a well-to-do family. The son of a nurse (mother) and lawyer (father), Sami felt a strong duty to spend his life serving others. He joined the police force to serve the citizens of Chicago. Sami has taken a mentoring role to Jani and other newer police officers.

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Duncan McConkey
Once an aspiring police officer, Duncan became an assassin for hire, operating under a strict code of eliminating only the truly evil. Despite his code of ethics, he tops the Chicago Police Department’s most-wanted list. Duncan often feels as if the world moves too slow to envoke change; therefore, he takes drastic measures to help usher in a new way of thinking in the world.

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Marik_TwitterMarik Carter (left)
Marik was in a branch of the army before the meteor impact. His bloodlines run deep in serving in the US military. His parents both passed away while he was deployed during the impact. He was part of a select group of soldiers to form a new special forces by the US government. He took over command of the branch after Gage and others went missing.

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A former street thug, Fenix joined Myza’s crew. After developing his skills, he joined Myza’s underground fighting promotion and soon became a twelve-time champion. Fenix’s lack of discipline is what makes him a fighter instead of working as Myza’s right-hand man. When he isn’t defending his championship, Fenix roams the streets of Chicago, contributing to the chaos. 

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Myza_TwitterMyza Kain
Myza had a very rough upbringing. Even though she is a high school drop out, she is intelligent. She joined a crime syndicate at the age of 16. She worked her way up the rankings over the years and became 2nd in command. Myza organized the leaders’ assassination and took over as the commander of the syndicate. She expanded the empire into its current model.

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Robee_Myza_TwitterRobee (in red)

Robee has always enjoyed fighting. Growing up, Robee was a very distinguished fighter, earning various honors and awards. After the meteor impact, he was forced to use his abilities in a chaotic world as muscle-for-hire. He ended up working for the syndicate at the same time Myza started. They both grew, and eventually Myza was able to persuade him to help her overtake the syndicate.

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Marik_TwitterRiley Cade (Right)

Riley was always getting into trouble as a kid, too smart for his own good. He grew up in a household with just a single working mother, so she rarely punished him after his incidents. After the impact, Riley was unable to locate his mother in the chaos. Marik and the special forces found him on a mission, and eventually Marik worked to train Riley into a special forces soldier.

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Zeth_TwitterZeth Myers

Zeth grew up on the streets after being abandoned as a child. He learned the art of Muay Thai fighting from a trainer that saw potential in his attitude and energy as a child. He defends his reputation as a talented and decorated fighter in bouts against all challengers. Zeth absolutely hates to fail, and will stop at nothing to succeed and get what he wants.

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