Random Post- Fall Anime Previews

With the summer anime run coming to a near close, I thought I would run through a few of the titles I have read previews for and let you know what shows I am excited about this fall. Currently this season, I am only paying attention to one show, Attack on Titan. You cna read about some of the titles due out this fall at RocketNews.

1) Kill La Kill

I have heard some say this is the most anticipated title out this fall. I haven’t seen the work the trailer references to so I am going into this show pretty blind when it starts. Crunchyroll has announced that this title will be streaming.

2) Coppelion

I haven’t heard if this title will be streaming or not, but the fall line-up should be fleshed out in the next week or so. Coppelion has the story setting of Tokyo after a nuclear meltdown. I need to check this one out b/c it could have some nice social commentary to it or even a political bit. This one might have me the most curious of the season.

Those are the 2 titles I am the most excited about, granted I don’t really know much about them heading into them. There are a few others that look interesting but aren’t really my thing, but I figured I may check them out anyways and see if the first few episodes are enough to keep me interested. Check them out below.

Short leash titles (titles I might check out and if they are unable to hook me quickly I’m done)

Non Non Biyori

I am interested in this one from a sheer art standpoint. The show is set in the Japanese countryside and I am interested to see the backgrounds and environment artwork. The story doesn’t seem like anything I typically watch but I might need to check out a few eps for art sake.

White Album 2

Not sure if this is a sequel or not. I like music anime’s even though I never really have seen one all the way through. I generally check these out for music alone and see if they are used mostly as a marketing tool for an actual album or not. Who knows if the story will be enough for me to stick around.

Voice Actor Force Voicetorm 7

This series is suppose to be animated like a motion comic. I will be really interested to see how it plays out and how it is received by fans.

Looks like it should be an interesting line up for the fall with a little something for everyone.