Production Update 152: Preparations

Last week sure was busy. I had something going on just about every day and had homework to fit in between everything. I went to a local art critique and had a gallery reception to attend as well. I got reacquainted with the Cosmic Rage files I was animating in since it has been a little while since I worked in the files due to coloring and inking the last couple weeks.

Over the weekend I had to get caught up on homework. I will lose one night this week finishing up the project but it will be worth it and will be something fun to show off. The rest of the weekend was spent running errands and getting caught up on adult things that have piled up a bit. I also had to reorganize my desk since it turned into my office for a few weeks. The fall weather made quiet the dirt storm since I work with the windows open, so it was in need of a deep clean.

What I am trying to say, is that I worked to clear my schedule so this week could be a heavy production week. Let the animating begin!


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