Production Update 139: Newsletter!

It has been an awesome week continuing to see voice over auditions role in for the characters that have been announced. I feel so humbled to receive so many kind words about the project and also hearing all of the talent providing their spin on the characters. Very awesome stuff!

So this week I have been working on some freelance work again. Once I get the first episode of Cosmic Rage wrapped up, I want to take it on the road to plenty of conventions next year, so this is all travel money getting banked at this point. I have also been helping out the Sioux Falls anime club (SALM) getting some artwork done for a mini one day convention in August. It’s great to help them out and see the club’s growth over the last year I have been hanging out with them and watching anime.

So what did I get done on the Cosmic Rage front? I got back into animating the current scene I am working on. I swapped between 2 shots, I am hoping to find enough time in between freelance work to get them and others finished up. The rest of the character profile packets are made for the voice overs too. Now it is just a matter of releasing them and organizing auditions.

I also have some exciting news. You may also notice a newsletter feature on the right side of the webpage. That’s right, now you can sign up for a monthly newsletter and get some exclusives sent right to your inbox! The newsletter will be a way to have a bit more involvement with the project and also a way for me to interact a bit more with the fan base.  Some content would probably include more behind-the-scenes content and also more polls and voting.


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