Production Update 132: Catching up on Life

It was one of those weeks where I needed to catch up on some everyday things over the course of the week. Some unexpected turns sprung up but I have a solid game plan for the week ahead.

I had to get my car into the shop this week to prepare for my road trip to Akon in Dallas. After leaving the shop, there was an error in the service so my car needed to head back into the shop. Funny story, there was some work in the steering column and now when my car turns corners, it honks. So my car sounded a little like the road runner for a couple days.

There was also a break in the weather so we were able to get the rest of our planting done in our gardens. It was a lot of work since it has been so rainy here. We had to finish putting up our fencing to keep the animals out and we also planted a lot of plants and seeds.

Since my girlfriend and I do more gardening we also do some canning in the fall so we have things for winter. One thing we wanted to do was to get a cabinet for our canned goods for our new apartment. We spent part of the holiday weekend sanding down our cabinet and get some materials for finishing it up by mid summer.

I have a really special post planned for later this week so make sure to check back for that!


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