Production Update 110 and a big update

Production update time is upon us again, here we go! I traveled to Minnesota this weekend and did a little hiking with some friends before it gets too cold. It was good seeing my Minnesota friends again and going out for one of our creative hikes where we discuss our projects and other things we have going on. I unveiled a new plan to my friends, and will share it with you as well.

On that note, I have some big news in terms of Cosmic Rage and what the project will look like and where it is headed. When I was at AnimeFargo earlier this year, I participated in my first artist alley, but part of the reason I was there was to also get some feedback from fans about how I should deploy the project since it has evolved from it’s original vision. The e-book format worked but one thing I noticed from the fans, was that it appeared that they wanted to look at the animated sections. So the plan has changed slightly. Cosmic Rage will be released as an e-book, but we will also be aiming towards recruiting VO talent and making an animated episode. I will have to go in and alter some of the scenes for the animated episode, but it is on the slate. Very excited to share that update with all of you!

I didn’t know for sure if I was going to go to MN last week but decided to late in the week. I was able to complete another shot this week, not the three I wanted to get done, but I was anticipating those three if I didn’t travel. I got some good prep work in for this week. Two 3D renders have been completed and need to be composited. As of now I have 4 shots left and only one of them may require a couple nights for a 3D render. Otherwise, I have 2 of them roughed out and ready to be finalized. I anticipate wrapping up one of them Monday night. The other shots I am going to finish this week.

By next production update I will have all of this scene done since I will be home this weekend and look to make some progress on the next scene, which I will update you on next week.

As promised here is some production art, a shot I finished up this week.



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