Production Update 101

Late production update for the day, but here is. I didn’t get anything done this week, I know, I know, I said I was going to do this and that and get one of my pin ups completed. But let me explain, I had another project pop up that required me to work a couple nights and over the weekend, basically on stand by for revisions too. To this date, it was probably the most humbling project I have worked on. Considering the content (which I hope to share soon), it really was something that doesn’t get done every day. So it was kind of an honor in getting to work on such a project. I was willing to sacrifice my time on personal projects to tackle that project.

I took part of Sunday off to clean my apartment and just unwind and have a zen moment. I have been living in front of my computer for about a week and I needed a break. I got some things rearranged and organized a lot of my DVDs and Blu Rays, went full on OCD.

I also received my new and dry business cards fro VistaPrint! I will have new shiny cards to hand out to con goers this fall that stop by my table! I am really excited to share them and meet fans.

So this week, I don’t anticipate any more extra projects and have set the goal for having 2 pin ups wrapped up by the end of the weekend. Time to kick it into overdrive and play catch up!



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