Production Update 95

Update time, let’s get to it. A lot of behind the scenes work going on for this week. I have been working on setting up some exterior/city shots to render over next week since I will be on vacation and I plan on unplugging for several days. I have one scene set up done, including test renders. The second shot will be less in terms of render time and I am hoping to finalize things tomorrow night. That leaves Tuesday and Wednesday and some car time to get the third and final exterior shot I want done to get prepped for render.

I am pretty excited to set up the third scene for rendering. Once I get the exterior shots rendered out I should be able to composite them when I get back and get them sent off for sound. I was also able to prep the next batch of fight scenes for when I get back as well.

Other than that I have wrapped up my javascript lessons for coding and looking to put my developing skills to the test over the summer. Since I have wrapped those lessons up, I have decided to dig more into 3D modeling over the summer as my new subject of learning.


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