Production Update 93

Another pretty solid work week on Cosmic Rage, here’s a recap. I wrapped up 2 shots early this week and got some time in on a third shot. I plan on finishing up this shot tomorrow night, and with that, I will have another scene to pass on for audio work.

I spent a little time unplugged this weekend and got in my first real outdoor hike in of the season, which I will expand on a bit later this week. While I was unplugged, that doesn’t mean I was away from Cosmic Rage. I spent most of the weekend working on a future Cosmic Rage project that I can’t mention too much about right now. Let’s just say there is a second Cosmic Rage project taking form that will work hand in hand with the motion comic.

The weekend was a productive work retreat and I made it home safely after spending a bit too much time in a car for my taste. This weeks goals include; finishing up the shot mentioned above and getting a new scene sent in for audio work. I also want to work more on my artwork for my artist alley appearance this fall and get more work in on more shots of the series.


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