Production Update 83

It’s been a really busy week on this end, I had a design meet up this week where we played pictionary and broke in our local design center in the process. I put Cosmic Rage a little bit on the back burner this week so I could catch up on the many things that were starting to fill up my to-do list. Another factor in my decision was based on the current position I am at with Cosmic Rage; currently I am working on the handful of scenes before the first fight sequence and by having a clean to do list, I can keep focused on the fight sequence. I also wanted a clean slate because some of the projects on it were ones that I have had on there for a while and they simply just needed to get done.

I recently started looking for an audio person to do the sound effects on episode 1. I was able to send them the first scene to see what they came up with, while I haven’t seen a sample yet, I am very excited to see what they can do. The final product is really starting to take shape.

On that note, I dug into i-book author more this weekend and started putting together a sample e-book so I can see if it is going to work as a publishing platform. I dropped in a few scenes and text frames, which should give me a good idea of how the final piece would turn out. Initially I am a little concerned about the text frames blending together during dialogue sequences, so I may research other possible routes. I am a little bit of a noob when it comes to i-book author.

I also completed some more of my coding lessons since I have been on a little bit of a hiatus from it. I finished up the html/css section and launched a new (although still minimal) Cosmic Rage site. It gets the job done for now, and I can’t spend a ton of time working on a site that will change in the future with character profiles and episodes.

On the web front, I also decided to switch platforms of my other website that focuses on animation and other programs. The decision to do it wasn’t easy but it is something that I feel needs to be done. I am hoping to wrap up the change tomorrow night. I think it will be something better for me and the viewers.

Finally, one bigger piece of news (I like to save the best for last), with the launch of Robot Candidate earlier this month, we have started legwork on a new game. With time I will be able to tell you more about the game in the works, but it will be a pleasant surprise 🙂


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