Production Update 82

Another week has come and gone leaving my creative burn out in the past as well. I dove back into the Cosmic Rage project over the weekend and continued work on some of the shots I was working on compositing before the move. I was able to finish up one of the shots (see image below)…

4-3 Fenix Entrance

I was also able to get a little more compositing done on a few other shots as well. Each one is now a few pieces away from being completed. Unfortunately I discovered that I missed a drawing too. I have no idea how that drawing slipped through production, but it was nice to get some “pencils to paper” and get some drawing done. I did leave my Wacom tablet at the office so I wasn’t able to get the drawing inked and colored, which will be on the agenda for this week.

The shot in which I am missing the drawing above, went through a test render this weekend as well. Hopefully I will be able to get a final render going for the nights this week while I sleep. I have another render going tonight, a final render of the scene with the image from above.

I may have also found a person that is willing to help me out with some of the audio portions of the project. There should be more on that front in the coming weeks.


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