Ending the Creative Drought and Exciting News; App Release

The last couple weeks I have been going through a bit of a creative drought (I am sure you could gather that from the lack of updates). Not sure if it was related to the move or if it was just a typical period of burn out, which is pretty common with any creative field. I didn’t work on things much outside of work and spent most of my time putting things in order after the move. For me personally, I tend to go all out for as long as I can, followed by a short window of time where I consume as much content as possible; videos, gaming or reading, etc.

I can happily say that the drought has ended. I spent some time this week setting up a render and getting some timing tests done. I finally got internet installed so I plan on finishing up my html and css lesson this week yet and having a good weekend of working on Cosmic Rage and finishing up several scenes I have started.

I also recorded and uploaded a new tutorial on my other site with plans to record another soon.

In other news, one of the side projects I was working on with a friend has been wrapped up (at least for now/pending updates). We created an app called Robot Candidate for iPad. The game is a board game that is a pass and play for up to 8 players, involving some light combat and fun animations. Did I mention it was free?

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 1.44.30 AM


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