Production Update 81

Week 2 begins in the new apartment. I haven’t gotten much done on Cosmic Rage the last 2 weeks, I’m just starting to come out of a short period of creative burn out. Not sure if it was just one of the moments or if it was related to the move. I moved some more things this weekend and practically have everything in the new space. Leaving only some clean up left.

I had some work to do this weekend and also had to track down a new computer cord and now my laptop is telling me I need to service the battery. Hopefully it can get replaced and I can get up and running quickly. I also have a date this week to get my internet set up. Really wish I could do a self install but I don’t make the rules.

I have plans to get back onto Cosmic Rage tonight for a little bit. I still need to take a pic of the new space too, more coming Thursday.


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