Production Update 74

This past week seemed to fly by so let’s see what all went on in the Cosmic Rage universe this last week. I started working on the character inkings for the initial establishing shot to one of the scenes where most of the action takes place in the first episode. I have a couple more to do and also have coloring and shading to do as well. I have done a little bit of traveling for the holidays so it kinda made inking a little difficult since I ink digitally. All is not lost though!

I was also able to get some renders done for future scenes using the same environment set up. So I am getting ahead on a few renders in the process as well. Perhaps next week I will get some more production art online so you can see how the process is going.

A friend of mine and I have also jumped back into another project of ours. It should only require a few hours of work and is something we have put in quite a few hours on so we need to wrap it up and get it out. I hope everyone has a great holiday break and we will see you on Thursday for another manga review!


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