Production Update 73

The holidays are closing in, which means there are a lot of nice holiday shopping deals. One of which included a nice external hard drive I was able to pick up and use solely as a dedicated drive for Cosmic Rage materials in case the worst should happen.

Last week the render for the main scene was completed, however, I did mess up a setting for the depth pass I needed so I got one of those rendered out without having to render out the entire scene again. This took only one night so it didn’t set me back too much at all. I also took a little time away from the computer just to unwind a bit.

This week I also started compositing the scene as well. With a new depth pass I was able to get everything in the scene set up. I did run into a small snag though, I realized I never colored and shaded the people that are going to populate this scene. The reason that happened is because I had their files in a different folder, the Master Content folder. So this week I will be going through those and finishing up inking some of them as well as coloring and shading them as well. I am hoping to get that completed this week, I do have to travel one night and also finish up some holiday shopping.

That’s not all though! I also started messing around with the final output for the first episode. While I want to push Cosmic Rage out to several different platforms when the time comes, I do want a mobile version for phones and e-readers. So I am dabbling in seeing if I can make an e-book with auto playing videos and pages for the user to read through for dialogue. Since I am not familiar with some of the e-book publishing methods and such this will be a little bit of a slower process but I decided to start working on that so  it is not a problem at the end. I also like to read through it as I go to make sure the story is still coming together as I like.

Stay Tuned for more updates! I am still working on a post for later this week, it may be a manga review!


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