Production Update 72

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I have been indoors all weekend since I am currently in the Dallas area and the snowstorm here has been pretty epic. The majority of the metroplex has been shutdown and travel has been a severe challenge. A simple google search will bring up all kinds of pictures and videos from the storm. Things should start to thaw out today.

Anyways, I made a good amount of progress this week on Cosmic Rage. I was able to get a test render complete, this involved a textureless render with passes so I could make sure everything was set up correctly. Since the textures weren’t rendered, it rendered over night and I was able to do some test compositing and layering to see if the scene was going to work. By doing this, I found a few areas I needed to correct.

I was also able to take care of the above mentioned corrections and get a final render set up to render. The render should finish up at some point Monday which means I can get back to working on some things this week. For the longer renders I hope to get some drawing done since any computer work slows down the longer renders, however, I have been working remotely the last couple weeks and don’t have some of my drawing materials with me.

With this environment now complete, I can use this for the environment for the rest of the shots in the scene. I am hoping I can get into pattern of rendering other shots out at night while getting more work done at nights. I’ll keep you posted as usual!


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