Production Update 62

One more week until the launch of the Cosmic Rage prologue šŸ™‚ Back to this week’s update. I wrapped up my SGMS presentation this week and will be finalizing it this week for time. For episode 1 I rendered out another motion test to get the camera move finalized,. I am happy with the animation and am going to lock in the camera move.

Currently I am working on setting up render passes and object buffers for areas that I need cut out for compositing. For the non-technical readers, when rendering things out in 3D, everything gets rendered as a flat image. So I need to create “passes” to cut out areas so I can start to layer the animations. Similar to the render pass post I had a while back with the black and white renders. By doing this, I can set up fast renders and make sure I have all of the passes I need before I set up a textured final render.

I am working remotely this week from MN for SGMS at the end of the week, so I won’t be able to finish mapping out some of the city references for the other environment. I did get invited onto a friends podcast to talk about Cosmic Rage. Once I get a link to it, I will post it up for everyone to check out. Don’t forgetĀ to check back next week for the Premiere of the Cosmic Rage prologue!


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