Production Update 59

Happy labor day holiday! I hope everyone is relaxing and enjoying their hopeful time off. It’s a beautiful day here is South Dakota so I am writing my update out on the patio. First off, I continued to work on the 3D environment that is the majority of the setting for the first episode. As you can see in the picture below…

Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 6.22.25 PM

I have the main areas blocked out, I just need to get some of the finer details put in there. I am aiming to gather some reference photos later tonight. Speaking of reference photos, I took some reference photos for some exterior shots today as well. I made a list of environments that I need to model yet, and surprisingly there are only 3 others after this. I have 2 building exteriors to design. One of the exteriors will be just the facade of the building. The other building I will need to do the full version because I am also designing the surrounding area of it as well, which constitutes the other environment. So things are going well and I am very excited to get into more of the modeling aspect. I will need reference images for all of these but I took some today.

On the music front, I am working with a new composer who has gotten me some test tracks to check out. I am hoping that September will be the month that we can get the prologue out for everyone to see. Stay Tuned for more updates!


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