Production Update 58

Update time, here we go! This week I have been reaching out to friends and other artists about finding a new composer to create a track for the prologue and hopefully one to work with going forward. I have a couple in mind and a couple working on composing some samples. I really enjoy working with composers and seeing what their take on the world I am creating is and how it translates to audio and music creation. You can have an awesome animation, but if the audio work isn’t up to the level of the animation, it will reduce the overall quality of the piece. Something I am working hard to avoid.

Outside of my client work I was traveling a bit, working on some other client work and also had some family visiting. I did get some work done on the 3D environment and wanted to attach a screenshot so you can see some of the progression.

Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 11.12.54 PMI hid the actual walls of the room so you could get a little bit better of a view of the entire space. I have a few more things to add into the space and also some hallways to create that lead to this area as well. Overall I am happy with the progress being made and look forward to getting a chance to work more on this environment.


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