Production Update 57

Unfortunately not much has changed since last week. However, I will fill you in on what has been a kinda crazy week. First off I have been finishing up some freelance projects that should be wrapping up in the next week or two. While I can’t reveal the full update yet, I spent some time this week traveling and also moving some of my things because I will be moving in early September, that’s about all I can say for now on that topic.

I didn’t get a chance to work on the environment so I don’t have an updated image of the working file. I did decide that I was going to model and texture the scene, but I will probably light the environment depending on the shot.

As for the prologue, I haven’t been able to get ahold of my composer over the last month or so. At this point I have decided to move forward and find a new composer for the project. Which means I don’t have a date to released the prologue to update you all with. I am a little bummed because I was really excited to finally push out the prologue for you all to see. I greatly appreciate all of your patience on the project. I will get it out, you have my word. 🙂

I can also report that my proposed presentation for this years SGMS conference has been accepted, so I will be presenting for the 3rd straight year.


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