Production Update 56

My apologies for not getting the production update up yesterday. I had some pressing work I had to get knocked out first, but better late then never on the update right? On the prologue, I am still awaiting an updated audio track. Hopefully I can get a better idea of the release date when I get the track.

I have been continuing work on episode 1, and the first thing to get done is modeling the environment, which is one of the major settings in the episode. I have been also watching tutorials on more Cinema 4D stuff and I am really excited to continue to model this environment. Cosmic Rage really is the first project that I have worked on where I am modeling 3D environments and I have found it quite enjoyable. Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day 😦 Some of the objects I am using in the scene were pre-made 3D models or purchased ones in some cases, but I have been some items and look forward to making more in the scene as well. As promised here is an image of what I got going on. It’s still mostly untextured, but you can get a little sneak peek.

Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 12.57.55 PMI hope to keep pushing out some updated pictures every week so you can see how the scene is coming together. I think that’d be fun. I also still owe you all a small update on what has all been going on with me but I promise that will be coming shortly. Thanks for reading!


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