Production Update 54

As you could tell from the last couple production updates, things have been chaotic from time to time. But it’s all good, chaos can be fun and exciting to work with too. It adds a nice change of pace to your work day and can be a fun challenge.

This past week has been a little more relaxed so I can actually sit down and write out a nice update and really share some of the stuff with you instead of writing a couple paragraphs on how busy I was and say I didn’t get much done.

I had projects passed of to clients this week so I found myself with a little more free time than I anticipated. I was working on compositing some scenes this week and discovered I forgot to render out a depth pass on one of the scenes so I had to do a re-render.

On_the_road__depth0255^This is a depth pass. It creates a black to white image depending on the actual 3D space in the scene. I can use the black to white color data to get some nice compositing effects and create some depth of field and even use it to add in other layers behind areas too. I got to learn more about these during production of the prologue.

So not only did I get that set up to render out, I also went in and did some compositing on the other shots since they are all done rendering. I was able to grab a lot of the work I had done on the previous shots and paste them into the new re-rendered versions with some tweaking. I also got 3 new drawings done, inked, colored and shading for one of the shots in the prologue.

There isn’t a lot of work left on the prologue. As of now today’s work schedule is a little light  so I am hoping to finish up compositing and revisions on the 6 shots I have left. However, some of those shots just need some minor text changes and other quick fixes. There are really only 3 shots left that need to be completed. On the audio side, I just need a new audio track to drop in and the prologue will be completed. Looking to wrap it up this week 🙂


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