Production Update 52

I am taking a quick break from my work to write another short production update. It has been another week of rendering to get the final image sequences I need. Which isn’t a bad thing since I have plenty of client work and proposals that have been keeping me busy šŸ™‚ Hoping to have some more work to share with you all soon.

Late last week I set up a render on the final prologue shot, yes the final shot. I had to stop the render over the weekend due to some traveling but got some more frames rendered out last night before stopping it to work today. Looks like this week it will be a lot of on and off renders over the night hours. Currently there are 150 out of 450 frames rendered. I also have some traveling to do later this week so I might have to pause things again. I’ll keep you posted on this front as the week goes on.

Also since I have been busy I have stayed off of twitter for the most part, so there have been a lack of updates through that outlet, which I apologize for. I was scheduled to record some sound effects this weekend but due to stormy weather we had to take a rain check on that front. I am hoping it may be something I can get to this weekend now.

The push continues on the prologue continues. Stay tuned!


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