Production Update 41

It’s been a little bit of a mixed bag this week in terms of production. I have been working around a couple freelance projects that I am really excited to be working on. I get a chance to work with some great people and make some fun and engaging content.

I also ventured out on the first hike of the year due to the nice weather. I go hiking with a few creatives and its an awesome way to unwind and hear about other peoples projects and what they are working on and learning. It also allows for us to ask questions about what we are working on and get feedback and thoughts.

This weekend I also took on the task of replacing the hard drive in my computer with one that is faster and has more storage space. It was simply time to do the upgrade. It will allow me to keep more files on my laptop and require me to carry less external HDs and such along. Looking forward to the added space and upgraded speed.

As for the prologue, I tweaked the voice over and sent over a final draft to the composer to finish up the audio track and get it locked in. I have completed one of the new drawings that currently has a placeholder and have 2 more roughed out. Again, I will not be able to get these into the prologue until I get back home where my scanner currently is.

I was also able to hop back into episode 1 this week too. I rendered out all of the existing spots and created dialogue placeholders as well. The story is starting to get pieced together and this way we can go through it and make edits as we go. I also started working on one of the scenes in which I left off on before I started to create the prologue.

This week I would like to finish up the prologue drawings and also get working on episode 1 some more as well. Maybe even get some drawings done for episode 2. We will have to see, this week is packed with other things as well but I am confident I can get more work done.



Overall: 1:33:00  of 1:33:00
Storyboards: DONE
Drawing: 8/?
Inking/coloring/shading: 7/?
Animating/Compositing: In Work
Audio: In Work/ VO is done

Episode 1:
Storyboards: DONE
Drawing: DONE
Inking/coloring/shading: DONE
Animating/Compositing: In Work
Audio: NONE

Episode 2:
Storyboards: DONE
Drawing: 3/20pages
Inking/coloring/shading: 0/20
Animating/Compositing: NONE
Audio: NONE


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