Production Update 37

This last week has been jammed with even more travel, mostly due to an unexpected trip. I also decided to take the week off to get a break from the computer for a while. It is important to unplug for a bit and recharge especially over the holiday break. The final scene rendered and I am going to work this week on getting it pieced together for the composer to get started on the music track.

My apologies for missing the Thursday review posting, I haven’t had a chance to watch much with all of the travel and projects. I hope everyone had a great weekend and stay tuned for more updates and content.



Overall: 55:00  of 1:20:00
Storyboards: DONE
Drawing: 5/5
Inking/coloring/shading: 0/5
Animating/Compositing: In Work
Audio: In Work/ VO is done

Episode 1:
Storyboards: DONE
Drawing: DONE
Inking/coloring/shading: DONE
Animating/Compositing: In Work
Audio: NONE

Episode 2:
Storyboards: DONE
Drawing: 3/20pages
Inking/coloring/shading: 0/20
Animating/Compositing: NONE
Audio: NONE


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