Production Update 34

It has been a pretty busy week so I haven’t been able to get too much done. I have been traveling for work and closing out a few projects. However, I have started researching and gathering assets for the final scene of the Prologue. I am aiming to have this shot done this week because after that I am traveling for some more work and I can render out the shots while I am traveling. Which means, while things are rendering I will be able to complete the last few drawings and should have everything ready to composite for the start of April. I am hoping that in April the Prologue can get some background music composed and be finalized. I should also be able to get some more drawings for episode 2 started as well.

I did have a very unique opportunity this past weekend working on set of an independent film. Check out the facebook page for some pictures and some more info about the film. I might get a chance to work on set another day before I end up leaving MN around the middle of the week.

Working on set gave me my first look at the production of a film which was different than what I envisioned with my slight background in video production. I got to work mostly with the audio group, but learned a lot just from watching the other members of the crew work.

I wish I had the time to work on set for more days, but my animation duty calls 🙂 Who knows, maybe someday there will be a live action Cosmic Rage movie 😉 until then, stay tuned for more updates and some new artwork in the coming week or two.




Overall: 55:00  of 1:20:00
Storyboards: DONE
Drawing: 0/5
Inking/coloring/shading: DONE
Animating/Compositing: In Work
Audio: In Work/ VO is done

Episode 1:
Storyboards: DONE
Drawing: DONE
Inking/coloring/shading: DONE
Animating/Compositing: In Work
Audio: NONE

Episode 2:
Storyboards: DONE
Drawing: 3/20pages
Inking/coloring/shading: 0/20
Animating/Compositing: NONE
Audio: NONE


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