Production Update 30

Last week I completely forgot to mention that it is the 1 year anniversary of my blog. I had been working on this project for a while and with my blog I have been able to go back and see some of my first posts. My first posts were mostly discussing the project since at the time I didn’t have much going on in terms of production. I was able to get a lot of drawing done over the year and even work on the animation and the trailer as well as starting Episode 2.

First off, the script for the voice over has been finalized and sent off to the voice actor for recording. Once I get the VO (voice over) back, I can work on having some background music created as well. I have created some slight alterations from the original script and within that, it is going to alter a couple of the scenes I haven’t created yet for the trailer. I am hoping to get the voice over script soon so I can get back to work on it.

I also had a chance to flesh out some more drawings for the second episode. I am now currently drawing shots on page 3 and roughing out others. I also was able to scan in all of the drawings I have for Episode 2 as well. I can now start inking/coloring/shading those as I set up other renders for the trailer.

I need to review the work I have for Episode 1 currently to give a better update on that. I have some scenes animated and I need to look into where I left off and what scenes need to be done yet. I will have more of an update on this next week since I left some of my Episode 1 materials at home and I am currently traveling.

I am also close enough to launch one of the other projects I have been working on. I am aiming towards the end of February, I just need to generate some more content. I am extremely excited to have this ongoing project be open to the public soon.

It has been a great last year working on Cosmic Rage. I am looking forward to continuing to provide updates and insight to what I am working on and looking forward to really digging into the animation and compositing in the near future as well as the process for Episode 2.


Storyboards: DONE
Drawing: DONE
Inking/coloring/shading: DONE
Animating/Compositing: In Work
Audio: In Work/ VO sent to actor

Episode 1:
Storyboards: DONE
Drawing: DONE
Inking/coloring/shading: DONE
Animating/Compositing: In Work
Audio: NONE

Episode 2:
Storyboards: DONE
Drawing: 3/20pages
Inking/coloring/shading: 0/20
Animating/Compositing: NONE
Audio: NONE


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