Production Update 16

This last week was a little more relaxed than the last few. I had some family in town for an extended weekend but I was still able to get 6 drawings completed this week, which means at this stage I only have 10 left to get done for the remainder of the month. I have been pretty happy over the last couple weeks with the new drawing process I have been utilizing.

I have also made some notes for some revisions to the trailer as it stands now. I am going to splice in some rough changes and see if I like the flow of it better than it currently stands. Part of the lack of working on the trailer has also been in part of I am currently finishing up another freelance project which requires me to use my own laptop so I sometimes can’t afford to render or work on Cosmic Rage on my own machine.

No worries though šŸ™‚ I am making some cool new content that I can add to my portfolio and also post up here. For this week I am also flying out for another remote motion graphics job so my goal this week is to get in some quick gestural drawings in for some of the 10 remaining shots. Thursday will feature what will most likely be an extensive post on my hike of Mt Fuji and hopefully I will get a chance to talk about one of my previous freelance projects. As always, stay tuned šŸ˜€




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