Super Secret Project #1

If we look back about a month ago, maybe a little longer, you can see a pretty sizable gap in posts on the site. Over the new couple months I think it’d be fun to roll out a series of postings that I want to call “Super Secret” projects for a couple reasons; 1) because it helps explain why sometimes I don’t get as much stuff done as I try to 2) because I am an artist so I like to share my work and 3) because “Super Secret” sounds cool and this is probably the closest thing I will have to something being the mythical G14 classified.

The time I was gone I was working on location in Las Vegas with the Lingerie Football League LFL on their broadcast package. Our goal was to create an updated look on all new assets; lower thirds, bumpers, etc. for the launch of the LFL Canada League.

I had a great time working on the project, and I had a great time working with the LFL team, brand and package. Check out the video here and see some of the work. The video is edited from one game, the package has interchangeable pieces for more teams that aren’t shown. Enjoy 🙂


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