Production Update 8

Another week, another production update 🙂 This week was pretty successful in terms of amount of content getting done. First off, I have been working on getting some freelance work done and getting some work done on what is now being labeled as “the other project”. I also have started working on the actual keynote presentation for the SGMS conference at the end of the month. As always, that content will be put up asap.

On the Cosmic Rage front, I have finished up the drawings of the scene from last week, which means right now there is only 1 remaining scene that needs to be drawn out. Granted it is the longest scene in the first episode, it is still awesome to feel that we are nearing the completion of the first episode in terms of drawing. The scene that was completed can now can moved into the inking, coloring and shading phases. Perhaps, I can get one of the drawings from the week up and online for next week since it has been a little while since we had some production art uploaded.

On the animation front, I have completed the shot from last week, the shot that follows that one and also started work on the next shot of the trailer. The trailer is my focus in terms of animation while I work on completing drawing, inking, etc. for the first episode. I am really looking forward to working on this next shot in the trailer, as it is allowing me to learn some new techniques.

Thanks for checking out the update today and be sure to check back on Thursday for my second day in Japan.


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