Production Update 7

I hope everyone had a great extended weekend and a good start to the month of September. Today’s production update, as always, will cover some of the things I have completed towards the Cosmic Rage Motion Comic since last weeks production update.

This week I was able to get a few shots drawn out. In terms of remaining artwork that needs to be drawn yet for the first episode, the scene I am working on now has a couple of remaining shots left. After that scene, there is one larger scene left. These scenes will both need to be inked, colored and shaded yet as well.

In terms of drawing, my goal this upcoming week is to complete this scene and start to work on the final scene of the first episode 🙂

That’s not it though. I also resumed working on the Cosmic Rage trailer. There are several shots left as well as some other editing. The trailer will take priority of the motion comic since the trailer will be used to help promote the motion comic. As work on the trailer continues, I look forward to sharing some more production art on it as well.

I also worked this week on a few other several projects; a logo design, some freelance work, my SGMS presentation and also another project. Stay tuned for more updates and later this week day 1 of my trip in Japan!


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