The Final Unveiling

Big news today, the final character for the first episode of Cosmic Rage has been unveiled. Today we introduce Marik the leader of the special forces to the Universe. With all of our characters you may be curious as to what will now take place of our weekly character updates. Well have no worries 🙂 Starting next week I am going to share some of experiences I had in Japan.  I want to do this for a few reasons, the first being that I had so much fun that I really want to share my experiences and share what I learned about the culture and such with everyone. Secondly, many of you may have recall due talking about how anime is essentially the only reason I ever got into animation and design. I have been trying to get to Japan for years before this and with that the experiences have easily contributed to new ideas for things and may have started the seeds to new stories and even influences to character designs.

Not only will I be sharing my trip but I will also be sharing other projects that will be wrapping themselves up. As you recall there have been a few production updates that I basically said I didn’t get a chance to work on anything because I was busy with freelance projects and other items such as some projects with friends.

I look forward to sharing experiences on the trip and look forward to a production update sometime early next week with the holiday weekend. 🙂


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