Production Update 6

In what seems like forever, I am updating you on the production of the project. On the flip side though, not much production was done last week. I caught up a lot of much needed sleep following my trip to Japan. I also had some freelance work I had to finish up for the start of this week, I look forward to sharing that work since it is where I was working before I left for Japan.

I also started a web design book on the trip to Japan so I wanted to finish that up this week as well. It isn’t something that we are going to see immediate payback on in the Cosmic Rage universe, but it is something that will develop on at some point in the future and lifetime of the project. There are a lot of things in the works that will pay off later, its a matter of being able to look far into the future instead of just the next few weeks.

The other item of business this week was continuing work on my SGMS presentation that will happen towards the end of September. I am so happy that I picked this topic to discuss, not only since it started with Cosmic Rage but its always interesting learning about the history of animation. I am really excited for this presentation this year 😀

Finally, the secret project that I have been working on has been getting back on track this week as well. The project is nearing its completion, however we need to get back on track this week and get caught up where we left on it. I really look forward to when this project is done so it can be shared as well.

Lots of new exciting things to hopefully be shared before the fall season. With that in mind, make sure to stop back on Thursday to check out the final character unveiling!


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