Movie Randomness

So a recent article released has stated that next year there will be a new Dragonball Z movie. Check it out here.

This has me pretty excited since Dragonball Z is really the start of getting me into animation. So as you can imagine a new movie has me and many other fans super excited. It got me thinking that I should write about some of the other stuff I have been watching lately.

First off, I stumbled across a marathon of “The Walking Dead” on AMC the other day and DVR’d the whole thing. I am not a super huge zombie fan, outside of this series and Resident Evil games is about all of the zombie stuff I can handle. I must say there were quite a few surprises in Season 2, and thats coming from someone who usually watches things and tries to figure out what is going to happen before it happens, so unpredictable twists are always welcomed.

I have also been catching up on some anime I had ordered a while back and haven’t got around to watching. “Grave of the Fireflies” from Studio Ghibli was on yesterdays agenda. I  still haven’t seen all of the Ghibli movies outside of Miyazaki but its something I am working to correct. Pretty sure I could watch Ghibli movies all day simply for the backgrounds alone, so amazing.

Finally, I have been watching some films that will serve as the topic of my next hopeful presentation (more on this to come). Such films and series are Golgo 13, Blue Submarine No 6 and the Neon Genesis Evangelion remakes. I haven’t made it all the way through Blue Sub yet and Golgo 13 reminded me of 80’s action movies like Die Hard and lethal Weapon but only animated.

The Evangelion movies do have me curious as to what the final 2 remake movies will do in terms of story and how it compares to the original. I had the conversation with a friend the other night and at the time I was telling him that I was a little skeptical, I mean a lot of people are skeptical when they hear their favorite characters are returning to a movie, or a new director is in charge or if the book, comic or anime is taken to the big screen. The funny thing is while I read the article about the new DBZ movie, I was excited and didn’t have a single skeptical thought. We’ll have to wait and see if that changes.

Tomorrow a new character gets revealed in Thursday fashion!


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