Production Update 2

Its that time where an update on the production status is in order. This week I finished up drawing some loose shots. By that, I mean that the drawings helped finish up some of the other scenes that I hadn’t completed yet. As of now there is only 2 scenes left to draw until the drawing phase will be complete for the first episode. The last 2 shots are both fight scenes, one long one and one short one. My plan is to tackle the short fight scene first.

I have also completed some more work towards some of the other characters that will be revealed over the course of the summer. For the most part they are all inked and colored except for one, some of the work was a matter of updating some extra imagery in them such as weapons. There is a character ready to be uploaded for Thursdays weekly character reveal.

Inking has been another thing I have been working on, getting some of the drawings inked mid last week. I am hoping to get a bit more content inked this week.

As always there is some other work going on behind the scenes that is pretty exciting and I can’t wait to share it later on!


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