At the start of this project, I had originally had the idea of creating several character trailers, which is an idea that still may happen. I wanted a way to get some of the work out before the final production was done so more people could be aware of an inevitable release. Well the time has come that production has started on it.

The Cosmic Rage universe has a very unique setting and I want to help set up the environment for the audience.  The idea of using the “opening” to set the stage for the universe was conceived. Since most animated shows openings are comprised of a mash up of footage, this idea I think is going to work very well and I am very excited to start being able to start on it and hopefully be able to share it as soon as possible.

To provide a little bit of insight to the setting, it is staged in the future. The openings job will be to provide an entertaining and brief explanation to how it got that way.

*There is a new piece of production art from the opening be sure to check it out 🙂


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