Part of the reason I was gone for a while was partly because I was on vacation, the other reason was because of a nasty cold I had afterwards. I wanted to post up some of the pictures I took while I was away. Taking a break from the computer is just as important as working on it.

I recently saw an interview on TV with an author that wrote a book about creativity. If I can recall the name of the book or interview I will surely post it up online. The main idea of the book and the interview, was talking about how creative ideas come from times when the brain is not engaged in other tasks. So by taking breaks from work it allows your brain to engage in imaginative thoughts and provide inspiration for new creative ideas. You can’t spend all of your time being creative, because if you are executing ideas you are not replenishing your creative source.

It was a very interesting idea and for sure something that would make for an interesting read. Anyways, here are some pics of my journey. Enjoy 🙂


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