Creator’s Take #1

I had an interesting question asked to me the other day and I felt that it should be something that I share for everyone. The question that was asked was along the lines if I was looking for help or offering any commissions on this project. This question lead to a larger discussion on the topic of anime/ manga. For those of you familiar with the way manga is produced, the creators generally will have a couple of assistants and their weekly work schedule is rather ambitious, working 7 days a week with little or no time to sleep depending on where a deadline may lay.

As much as I wish I could devote that kind of time to this work, since it isn’t bringing in any kind of capital (yet 😉 ) I also have work outside of Cosmic Rage. It was an interesting discussion on progress and determination. A couple other artists chimed in on their progress of their own projects as well, and it was great to hear them not getting discouraged b/c they couldn’t create work at the level of a chapter a week or maybe not even a page a day. The point is, as long as your moving forward on your work its going the right direction. As I posted earlier, I have had these characters since high school and I finally had a story to tell that was my own with them.

As for the help, just keep checking out the blog. Knowing that people check out the work and my progress is enough to keep me going. There’s another story there for sure, but that will have to wait for another day.

*Make sure to check out the character gallery today, evil now has a face.


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