In the preproduction process, after I have the outline competed I started working on a series of rough storyboards. I kept the storyboards very loose and rough so I could still have artistic input as I started production work. I also added notes to certain sound effects that I will want during a specific shot as well.

At this point I just made notes of where fight sequences were going to be. These scenes I would choreograph later. I first wanted to focus on getting all of the frames drawn for the story and also plot out at which point it would break from motion comic to dialogue and also take notes of some of the animation that would occur during the shot as well.

When I went back to complete the fight sequences, it is important to keep in mind that these shots will all take place in the same area. Since that is true, it is important to have a floor plan of the scene so each of the shots will be consistent and have the appropriate assets in the environment.

Be sure to check out the production art tab where I will post up some storyboard samples.


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