Step 2: Outline 2

First off, I apologize for a bit of the spotty posts lately. I’ve been super busy and winding down some big projects. I wanted to continue to talk about a bit of the process of creating the story and about filling in some of those blanks that we discussed last time.

After the original outline was created, I repeated the process but only for the first story arc that I wanted to cover. However, this time when I plugged in story lines, I plugged in bullet point for dialogue as well. I didn’t refine the dialogue to the point where it is finalized, but these points were basically about topics that would be discussed by characters to move the story forward.

This process worked out very well for the first storyline. By plotting out the topics of dialogue, it still provides me with the flexibility to go back and alter the conversations as long as it remains on point. So if two characters are arguing over how they are going to infiltrate a warehouse or castle, I can alter this dialogue when the artwork is close to done b/c the topic of how to infiltrate a warehouse or castle remains the same. This is also still an option because of the way the dialogue is going to be handled in this project.

For this project, I decided that the dialogue will be handled interactively more like a story instead of word balloons as seen in some motion comics. Since there are many characters, voice over at this point isn’t really an option either.

Look forward to some more content being put up later this week!


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